Women At The Well


Sunday - 10AM Worship experience | tuesday - 6:45PM Tumultuous Tuesday Bible Study

December 03, 2020

10:00 AM

Via Conference Call

We are a group of women who meet every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. to lift up the name of Jesus through the study of the Bible, through sharing our experiences, and through fellowship with one another.

During the COVID-19 Shelter in Place you can still be a part of our time together via conference call. Just call (510) 521-1944, wait for the prompting and PRESS 1 for Women At The Well. The PIN is: 1301

Disciples Guides

Video Discussion

Ladies, please watch this video and contemplate the questions below. I would love to hear your responses to these questions. Please email them to me by clicking HERE. I would also like to invite you to join us in a ive discussion of these questions on Thursday, September 3rd at 10AM with Women At The Well.

Engage with us:

1. What about this song touched you the most?
2. What has been the hardest thing for you to cope with during these times?
3. Through it all, what have you discovered about Jesus?