Kingdom Women


Sunday - 10AM Worship experience | tuesday - 6:45PM Tumultuous Tuesday Bible Study

Discover kingdom women

We are a beautiful, diverse group of women called to serve one another, our families, and our community. Our focus is to lift up the name of Jesus. We are leaders: fearless, passionate, driven and united!

Kingdom Women supports, encourages and equips women to walk boldly and stand for truth. Our dedication to women is experienced in how we create opportunities to fellowship and grow. We provide resources for women to understand their true value to the Lord and others. This is a place to learn about your gifts and how to use them to glorify the Lord.

Come join us as we connect with each other and we explore a deeper relationship with God. We’d love to see you!

a Time of refreshing

As women, we know the value of having a moment of time to just refresh. Come join us as we connect with each other and explore a deeper relationship with God that will always refresh your soul.

We meet every 2nd Saturday of the month at 5PM right here at Calvary Alameda. We'd love to see!
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Women at the well life group

We are a group of women who meet every Thursday at 10:00 a.m. to lift up the name of Jesus through Bible study, through sharing our experiences, and through fellowship with one another.
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I would like to encourage you to listen to this video. Take the time to let the words wash over you and contemplate on what it speaks to you. Afterwards, take a look at the questions below and answer them. I encourage you to reach out and share them with me by clicking HERE. If you're available, I would like to invite you to join us at Women At The Well on Thursday, September 3rd at 10AM as we engage with other ladies sharing our thoughts and answering these questions.

1. What about this song touched you the most?
2. What has been the hardest thing for you to cope with during these times?
3. Through it all, what have you discovered about Jesus?